Contact Center Solution for COVID-19 Loan Administration

Small businesses hit by the pandemic desperately seek financial relief. Through our partnership with Talkdesk, we are helping lending institutions deliver a faster, smoother and more transparent experience.

COVID-19 Relief: Streamlining the User Experience

Call Center solution for small business loan processing.

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A Difficult Customer Journey Made Easier

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A Global Network Operation Center with dedicated incident and service managers delivers 24x7x365 coverage for customer support.

Speed & Flexibility

Focused solutions can be scoped and activated in as little as 24 hours; solutions support on-prem technology and robust platform handles intense spikes in volume.

Call center functionality plugs seamlessly into a wide range of standard and customized customer applications.



Advanced management and quality functionalities are fully compliant with PCI and HIPAA industry standards.


Agents have a 360-degree video of the borrower to enable proactive engagement on loan status; mobile capabilities support any time, anywhere interaction.

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The Problem

Financial institutions are scrambling to process a high volume of loan applications from small businesses seeking COVID-19 relief funds. With confusion around eligibility standards, and given the urgency of the situation, lenders have been besieged by inquiries on the status of applications. In many cases, customer service organizations have been overwhelmed by call volumes. As a result, consumers endure long wait times, lack of answers and a frustrating experience. Through our partnership with Talkdesk, we are helping financial institutions offer small businesses seeking financial relief a faster, smoother and more transparent experience.


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